The Business of being healthy.

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Every business is in the business of being healthy.   Whether it is a large corporation or a small business, the health of the employees has a direct impact on the health of the business.  Sickness and illness not only costs the business directly with insurance premiums, but also with loss of productivity and sick days.  The best way to save healthcare dollars is to never have to spend them in the first place.   According to a CDC study, wellness programs can help a businesses save up to $2.43 for every dollar spent, and


What’s more important is that The Go Program, on its own or implemented with an existing wellness program, has shown to boost employee morale and help companies retain high level talent due to the fact the employees feel like their employers on investing in them.


Here are some benefits of The GO Program for Businesses:


  • Employees are happier and healthier. Sick leave, Health Costs, and Workers Comp all are reduce. charg
  • Wellness programs foster hard work and loyalty. In a study by Principal Financial Group, 41 percent of respondents either strongly or somewhat agreed that wellness benefits made them harder-working, better-performing employees. Additionally, 40 percent of respondents stated that a wellness program would make them more likely to stay with an employer.
  • Healthy organizations attract top talent. A wellness program demonstrates that you’re committed to the well-being of your employees. This shows how much you care about your staff and cultivating a reputation as a healthy place to work can help you attract top talent to fill job openings.
  • The GO Program has proven to have High engagement and participation. The greatest benefit of this program is that we help to lead people.  It is easy to just say lose weight or lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, but it is a lot harder to take action.  This is where the Go Program comes in.   We provide a series of engaging workshops that are fun and foster participation and action.  Behavioral change can be viewed as a challenge for some people so we provide resource materials and education that make change easy.  Our main goal is to move people into action!


The GO Program is the Gold Standard in fostering a healthy workplace.   It is also the greatest compliment to an existing program that is lacking in the area of leadership.  Most programs are designed to just check for existing problems with testing and only treating symptoms.  The GO Program is designed to help employees attain their health goals not only at the workplace, but at home.