Schools function similarly to businesses; their customers are the students! We see nothing more important to our future than our children. Educators are in a very rewarding position, but much of it comes with pressure and stress. Many schools don’t make or have time to focus on the health of their teachers. While school wellness initiatives have been noble, like businesses, they are filled with mandated assessments and deadlines rather than inspired action! In addition, 61% of all teachers report being overall dissatisfied with their jobs! What’s the solution? the GO! TEACH program!

Teachers of today not only have to face the normal stresses that come with teaching but also school violence, ADHD, Autism, special needs, and more. That being said, it’s not surprising that 61% of teachers report being dissatisfied with their jobs! So what’s the solution? The Go! Teach Program! After this program there will be only one thing to do. “GO! TEACH.”

Repetition Reaps Rewards

Experience has shown us that the schools who schedule a series of at least 3 workshops get sustainable change and lasting results. Create your own series from these powerful choices below or let us create a custom series for you based on our results and best practices. We are here for you, just let us know what you want and we will make it happen.

Excuse me, but did someone say FREE Food?

Yes we did! An additional benefit to the GO! program is we provide the food. To fit our theme and culture of inspiration and action, we’ve transformed the ever so popular ‘Lunch N’ Learn’ to our very own, ‘Food N’ Fortitude’ When you contact us, be sure to ask about this programs benefit for your organization!

Workshops We Offer

Pressure! (Stress)

Stress- we all deal with it, but what is it doing to our health? More importantly, how can we reduce its effects? We will teach you some simple steps to make stress work for you instead of against you.

ABC’s & 123’s of Healthy Living (Nutrition)

Atkins, Beach Body, The Food Pyramid, The Mediterranean, Paleo, The Zone: Which one is right? There are so many different recommendations and opinions out there on nutrition and everyone thinks their way is the best way. Let us take the confusion out of healthy living and give you the basics and the specifics on how to create the healthiest lifestyle for you and your family.

These Kid’s Got Me Sick! (Immune System)

How is it that you can take a room full of teachers and expose them to the same students, with the same germs, and some teachers will get sick and some won’t? Was it luck? No way. The answer is simple actually- those who don’t get sick have a much stronger immune system. This workshop will show you how to make your immune system super strong and fight off those dreaded little bugs!

Advanced Workshops We Offer

Missing! (Weight Loss)

Weight Loss can be one of the easiest things for some people. For those of us who are weight-loss resistant, however, it can be incredibly frustrating and depressing. Let us show you how to naturally balance your hormones and burn fat like you never thought possible! You can be a BIG LOSER!

Energy Secrets of 3 Yr Olds (Energy)

Who wants more energy!? Every time we ask this question every hand in the room goes up. You really can regain the energy you had as a kid (well at least some of it 🙂 ) and we can show you how.

Toxins and Cancer

Cancer. One of the scariest words out there. Toxins. Not a pleasant word either. Put the two together and it can spell disaster. We can show you the direct relationship between Toxins and Cancer and most importantly how to reduce, avoid and remove toxins from your life.

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