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Today I wanted to make sure you get a ‘taste’ of some of the education we deliver in ‘The GO! Program!’ so you were more comfortable bringing us in to speak.  Since EVERYBODY eats, I thought I would send you something you could use not only for yourself, but also forward on to your organization as well on the topic of nutrition.  What I’ve included is 1 of the 3 foundational nutritional principles of our program.  And while I’m keeping it short and sweet today, we really ‘dig in’ deeper at our live program on what we call, ‘The 3 Keys To Conscious Eating.’

Key #1: “If you want to be more alive than dead, eat foods that are more alive than dead.”

– Unknown

No joke.  That’s it.  I can already hear your mind as you read that, “Come on, that’s too easy!”  Well we feel that especially with nutrition, we have WAY TOO MUCH information out there.  So to filter through that information overload, use this foundational key as a starting point.  For example, if I had a pretzel stick and a carrot stick, which one is obviously more alive than dead?  Yes, the carrot stick!  In fact, with the innovation of packaged ‘snack’ foods, we have created a whole new category of eating, called snacks!  And everyone thinks that snacks must come in a bag or a box and be crunchy!  So try this out, start snacking on carrot sticks instead of pretzel sticks.  Most likely you will fulfill your subconscious need to snack and crunch on something, while at the same time consuming something that is VERY alive, giving you some life-giving nutrition that you brain and body need.

Hopefully you found that valuable!  Are you ready to learn more?  We are here to help! Click the link to the right (or below if you are on a mobile device) to schedule your brief introductory call with one of our team members if you haven’t yet!  We look forward to serving you!

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